Founded by Art Director Starck Lin in 2003. Beyond Inc. has provided numerous companies with on-screen interactive media art direction, design, and programming services, and has received a multitude of marketing awards from Taiwan Clickawards. we recently also was try switching to interdisciplinary and experimental art, especially as installation art. in the future, we are looking forward to any crossover works.

彼岸創意 (beyond creative) 於 2003 年由藝術指導 Starck Lin 所創立。提供各種互動媒體的美術指導、設計與程式編寫等服務,成員過去曾榮獲許多台灣金手指網路行銷的獎項。而近年來,也開始涉入不同領域的創作,像是參與裝置藝術的展出。我們期待在未來能有更多跨界的合作機會。